“With Twitter at 50 million Tweets per day, Facebook with 60 million daily status updates, plus check-in data from Gowalla and Foursquare the volume becomes staggering. Between just those websites we’re talking about 1,000 pieces of information per second.”

- Bryan Menell, “Big Data is the New Frontier” on Dachis Group.

The size of the social data space is staggering. With an increasingly high percentage of internet users liking, tweeting, reviewing, commenting, mentioning and blogging, there is a lot of information to digest. For businesses, particularly marketers, this presents new opportunity to hone in on some of the data to gain insight into almost any demographic.

Internally, “Big Data” is parsed at a micro-level for each and every brand or product , even if they have only been playing in the social media space for a couple of months. With most editorial calendars coming out with half a dozen Tweets and a pair of Facebook posts per day, there are thousands of interactions tidbits to measure. At the conclusion of a campaign, it’s important to analyze these interactions.

Can we see what worked and what didn’t? Who can we rely on to collaborate with? What new communities can we tap into?

In terms of influence, not all followers or fans are created equal. Some are potential partners or superfans, who have interacted with your brand more in the past and who have a bigger audience than others. If you’ve already made the digital handshakes and established relationships with certain influencers, continue to build with them going forward. Whether its leveraging pre existing relationships, building robust contact lists, and prioritizing your messaging, analyzing your brand’s “Big Data” can go a long way to improving for future campaigns.

In the digital ecosystem of any brand, each little piece plays its part. Finding a way to organize and analyze those pieces is becoming essential.

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